About Us

We’re the Bomb!

Focusing on the simple details makes for a better and lasting waxing experience.  Bombshell Wax, inspired by those details which matter most to waxing professionals and clients, raises your confidence,  your skill-set and how your clients’ ultimately feel.

Woman who wax will tell you there is something special about newly waxed skin.  It’s more than how it looks.  It’s more than how it feels.  It’s how it makes you feel; Smooth, Sassy and Sexy!

Welcome to Bombshell Wax

Motivated by her desire to be the best, Jessica Johnson a master aesthetician and spa owner in New York and New England, believed creating a better wax with Bombshell would elevate her artistry and give each and every client that something special; “When life feels as it is a movie and they’re the Star!”

“People Never Forget How You Make Them Feel!” Contact Us Today to Experience the Difference.

Why Bombshell Wax?

Better Ingredients

Bombshell Wax is made with only the finest rosins and essential oils to eliminate skin irritation and promote skin health.

Better Profit

Bombshell wax costs less than other recognized brands and removes more with less.

Better Experience

Created to melt faster at lower temperatures, Bombshell Wax stays pliable, tacky, removes hair quickly and with less effort and less pain.

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