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Why Bombshell Wax?

At Bombshell Wax we span the globe for the finest ingredients and essential oils to create products of superior quality that make waxing faster, easier, safer and more comfortable.

Though, quality does not stop at the ingredients.  Our waxes are custom blended in small batches by a family refinery producing wax in Europe for over 100 years.

Once you try Bombshell Wax, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with the formula, quality and price.

Benefits of Bombshell Wax?
  • Highest Quality Ingredients
  • Superior Performance: gentle, consistent and safe for all skin types
  • Engineered to be easy to use and more efficient in removing hair
  • Costs less and get more wax per bag than competitive brands
  • Educational and Brand support

Here’s what our customers love about Bombshell:

  • Luxury with Affordability
  • Created by waxing professionals for waxing professionals.
  • Not messy or sticky
  • Doesn’t Compromise the skin
  • Outperforms other waxes
  • Lift more hairs more quickly with less effort and no tearing
  • They pull clean and leave no residue on skin
  • They dry pliable and tacky, never brittle
  • Capable of lifting hairs as short as 1/16 of an inch
  • Low temperature waxes, little to no risk of irritating clients
Pre/Post waxing suggestions...
  • Gently wash waxing area to remove dirt, dead skin cells and skincare product. Clean, and dry skin thoroughly to allow the wax to adhere properly.
  • Apply baby powder if necessary where perspiration is visible
  • Wax is spread in the same direction as the hair growth
  • Wax is removed in the opposite direction of hair growth
  • Apply pressure on the area that has been waxed to help relieve any pain client may be experiencing
  • Use sterilized tweezers and scissors to clean up any stray hairs
  • Post wax, Bombshell Pinky Winky is used to remove any wax residue
Is Bombshell Wax less painful?

Yes, Bombshell Wax is formulated to be low temperature and lifts more hairs without drying or cracking. It stays pliable and is gentle on the skin. Our formulation and advanced wax technology allows it to perform while giving a more comfortable experience to the client receiving the wax service.

Why use an approved warmer?

The right wax warmer is crucial with the success of Bombshell wax, since it is a safer, gentler low temperature wax. Temperature control is imperative to making sure the wax is heated properly. Bombshell warmers have advanced technology heating with temp control dials and warming design ensuring wax is heating from all around the sides and under not just from the bottom keeping the wax at a even, consistent temperature. If the correct warmer is not used hot spots can happen and the wax can heat unevenly resulting in a burn, or challenges in the room with application. Bombshell warmers are designed for long time usage as they are made in North America and come with a full manufacturer warranty versus other wax warmers on the market made in China.

Can I use my current wax warmer?

We do have customers who use Bombshell Wax in other warmers successfully, however for the best results and performance we recommend using our Bombshell approved wax warmers. They are designed for consistency and have a long life span! They are well worth the investment.

Which Bombshell Wax to use?

We recommend using Bombshell Hard Wax formulas (Ipanema or Rose Garden) on more sensitive areas of the body such as Face, Underarms, Bikini and Brazilian. However we do have many wax professionals who use hard wax on all areas of the body. We recommend using our Bombshell Rose Petal Strip wax on larger body parts such as back, legs, chest and arms.

Bombshell wax for waxing men?

For men, we recommend using Bombshell Ipanema Hard Wax on more sensitive areas such as Man-Zillian and Face. However we do have many wax professionals who use hard wax on all areas of the body.We recommend using our Bombshell Rose Petal Strip wax on larger body parts such as back, legs, chest and arms.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

No, currently we are shipping only in the Continental United States.

Can I buy w/out a license?

No, Bombshell is a “Professionals Only” wax line. We sell to licensed professionals and students who are in Cosmetology or Esthetics school.

Can you send me a sample?

We do not currently have sample sizes available. However we do not have any minimum orders so you can purchase as little as 1 bag or 1 jar to try it out. And since Bombshell is so competitively priced, it is easy to buy from us to try it out. We are confident you will fall in love with our wax after one strip!

Can I distribute Bombshell Wax?

Please email us your full business information, website and a detailed explanation of your interest in the brand to info@beautybybombshell.com.

Can I find a trainer in my area?

Please refer to our Get Trained page CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR GET TRAINED PAGE.

Can I become a Certified?

Please refer to our Become a Trainer page CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR BECOME A TRAINER PAGE.


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