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The Best Wax Hair Removal Products

Once you try Bombshell Wax, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with the formula, quality and price.

Bombshell is the bomb! I have used many wax throughout my 7 years. I use the Ipanema Aquamarine and it glides on very smooth but also pick up very fine hair. Also if you like the smell of coconut and mango you really should try the Fiji Pearl! It is creamy, glides a long way and also picks up coarse and fine hairs. 9/2019
Monica R. of Chicago
“My clients love Bombshell. My aestheticians love Bombshell. I love Bombshell. Since we’ve been using Bombshell we get clients in and out faster which makes everyone happy, including our bottom line.”
“I’ve been waxing for 20 years and Bombshell is the best wax I have ever used.”
“Recently I decided to take a “Master Waxing Class” so that I can continue to offer the very best services possible because body waxing is something that I pride myself in doing well and one of the reasons I opened Adore Rouge LLC. In an effort to keep up to date on training and be able to offer the most comfortable and efficient waxing services possible, I have decided to start using Bombshell Wax instead of Nufree Nudesse. Some of my clients sought me out because of the fact that I used Nufree, but I encouraged them to give Bombshell a chance. I had been a die hard Nufree user since the day I first worked with it at the beginning of my Aesthetic’s career, and while it worked well for my clients all those years, the facts are undeniable. I have been doing trials with the Bombshell Wax and the results are amazing! People have described the change as smoother, faster and more comfortable with significantly less redness and discomfort during and after the waxing service.”
Adore Rouge
Portland OR

“Vestibulum sed ante. Donec sagittis euismod purus. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium.”

Patrick Pool
San Dirgo, CA
“The plastic jar is totally convenient. I heat it right in the microwave and the wax is ready in a few minutes.”

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